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Whether you are a new art collector, thinking about buying your first painting, or a frequent gallery visitor, sheltering in place during a pandemic has changed the way we feel about our homes. Art that reflects beauty, light, land, water, sky, open spaces, dreams, color, energy and emotion is one of the most transformative ways to create change in your home and work environments. If you've ever wandered through a museum, artist's open studio or gallery exhibition, you know the visceral attraction and emotional connection art awakens in us. Working with art consultants, interior designers, gallerists, collectors and art shoppers, sharing my work with viewers, brings art to life. Although the studio has been quiet these past months, I've been fortunate to work with many clients and online galleries. If you're interested in learning more about my paintings, I'm ready to guide you through the steps in choosing art for your private residences and public spaces, large scale oil paintings, smaller works on paper, archival prints or commisioned works for site specific projects. 



My painting, Imagine (pictured below), adds radiant light and quiet beauty to a residential interior setting. Influenced by the Women's March, January 2017 in St. Paul Minnesota on a misty Fall day, spiritual energy, warmth and joy were the starting point for this abstract painting. For purchase information please contact DF&A Gallery, 5025 France Avenue South, Edina, Minnesota, USA.    


Imagine, oil on custom built canvas, 54 x 48, ©2021, Bruni